Agvise senior grain marketing adviser, Jacinta Kelly said global grain markets demanded close attention as changing conditions in key areas such as politics and production affect grain prices.

“Understanding production in major grain producing and exporting countries such as the US, Canada, Europe, the Black Sea, South America and Australia is key,” Ms Kelly said.

“Along with production, global stocks and demand, we are constantly monitoring key factors which influence grain prices such as global economics, government policies and market speculators.”

At this time of year grain marketing agents and traders are focused on monitoring the northern hemisphere which supplies most of the world's grain.

Ms Kelly said Western Australian grain production is likely to be lower this season which would help the WA supply chain to recover and Australian trading margins and prices to be more aligned with international values again.

She said using a grain marketing service helped growers navigate volatile markets with influences as unpredictable as the weather and global economics.

“Growers can market their grain themselves, however they have many other components they’re managing day to day,” she said.

“Outsourcing to a grain marketer provides you with additional resources for this important part of your business and help you capitalise on opportunities.”

She said knowing what level of risk a grower and their business could tolerate was an important part of a marketing strategy and profit point targets.

“It's down to the individual and a grain marketing consultant can help you determine this and support the execution of a marketing plan.”

To discuss your grain marketing needs, contact Jacinta Kelly on 0447 996 200 or or speak with your financial management consultant.


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