Three reasons to outsource your grain marketing

1. Knowledge: Access grain marketing information, Agvise's price discovery platform
and unlimited phone advice to manage volatile markets.

2. Strategy: Work with Agvise to tailor a grain marketing strategy that fits your
business aims, risk profile and profit targets.

3. Execution: Agvise is focused on executing your strategy. We also take care of the
time consuming administration tasks of contracting, optimising and nominating



How is the 2023-24 season shaping up?


Western Australian grain production is likely to be lower this season which is not all bad. It will help the WA supply chain to recover and Australian trading margins and prices will be more aligned with international values again.

Eyes on northern hemisphere At this time of year, we are focused on northern hemisphere weather as this is where most of the world's grain supply comes from.
Any unfavourable conditions in key areas will affect grain prices.
We seek to understand global supply and demand in key producing and exporting countries such as the US,Harvest 2.jpg Canada, Europe, the Black Sea, South America and Australia. Along with production, global stocks and demand, we are constantly
monitoring key factors which influence grain prices such as global economics, government policies and market speculators.

What can a grain marketer do for growers that they can’t do themselves?

Growers can market their grain themselves, however they have many other components they’re managing day to day. Outsourcing to a grain marketer provides you with additional resources for this important part of your business.
Grain markets are persistently volatile, with influences as unpredictable as the weather and global economics. We help you navigate ever-changing grain markets and capitalise on opportunities.
Marketing plan, sales strategy and contract execution We do this by creating a grain marketing plan, developing sales strategies and executing those strategies on your behalf. Clients can and do have varying degrees of involvement in each of these tasks, depending on what they need or want.

Grain marketing snapshot

Tools we provide clients include the weekly Grain Market Snapshot, an individual grain marketing plan with price targets and alerts and access to a central price discovery platform (pictured below) which collates all public and private bids from the 20-plus active grain traders in WA. We also provide grain position statements which summarise grain sales against production and average prices achieved. A key tool is the unlimited phone support we provide clients to discuss grain markets.



Great working relationships with traders
In addition to the tools and information, we have good rapport and working relationships with all grain traders. We are collecting and collating domestic and international market information from them all the time, and from time to time it provides clients with access to private bids.


What is the Agvise advantage?

Harvest 3.jpg

The Agvise grain marketing service is a focused offering, providing clients simple,
accessible, and personalised market information. This ranges from high level global markets to all the essential contract management, optimisation and administration tasks.

Working hand in hand with grain marketing are Agvise’s financial management
consultants David Mighall, Shane Sander, Nic McGregor and Matt Leverington
(pictured) who are focused on the financial side including budgets and cashflow.
This helps growers develop a profitable price strategy and understand when they
need cashflow.

Agvise is also seeing a lot of farm businesses so can offer an overall perspective
from dealing with other successful growers.

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